0345 Numbers – What You Need to Know

11th October 2019

Some people do not ponder the telecommunication system in the UK. They are more than happy to dial whatever phone number is necessary regardless of the impact it might have on their phone bill. But they are in the minority. The majority of consumers pay close attention to the kinds of phone numbers they have to dial.

This is despite the fact that most such people do not understand the types of phone numbers in the UK as well as they presume. The biggest example is the 0345 number range. Many people think that 0345 is a freephone number but that is simply not the case.

And the fact that they are so wrong on this issue makes you wonder what else they might be wrong about, particularly with regards to 0345 numbers.

Where 0345 Numbers Come From

0345 numbers haven’t always existed. They were introduced by the Ofcom, the government body that regulates telecommunication and broadcasting in the UK. Ofcom conducted a review of 084 numbers which many believed had become too expensive. 034 and 037 ranges were introduced as an alternative to the 084 and 087 numbers.

Who Uses Them?

03 numbers are primarily utilised by large organisations like banks, insurance companies, government departments, charities, and the like. The use of 03 numbers is regulated by Ofcom, and so are the charges related to calling these numbers.

0345 numbers are the most popular of the 03 numbers at the moment. Their use has grown exponentially over the years because they are a direct replacement of 0845 numbers which large organisations had previously used as a single point of contact for their customers regardless of their location in the United Kingdom.

0345 numbers are also beneficial to ordinary callers as they are far cheaper to dial than the 08 alternative.

What Makes Them Different?

0345 numbers are non-geographical. They enable businesses to use a business number without being linked to a specific location. This is beneficial for companies that have offices and branches scattered across the UK. In a way, 0345 numbers are treated exactly the same way as 01 and 02 numbers.

The only substantial difference is the detachment 0345 numbers have from a geographical location.

What is the Cost of Calling a 0345 Number?

As we mentioned above, 0345 numbers are treated the same as 01 and 02 numbers. This applies to the call rates phone companies charge. The cost of calling an 0345 number is no different from what you would encounter if you tried to call an 01 or 02 number.

All special promotions, packages, and plans apply when calling 03 numbers. In other words, if you have free minutes, you can use them to call an 0345 number. There are no additional charges associated with calling 0345 numbers regardless of whether you are using a landline or a mobile phone. Your location doesn’t matter either.

Can You Call 0345 Numbers from Abroad?

You can call an organisation’s 0345 number from abroad. But you must remember to include the international dialing code for the UK – 0044. You must also remove the ‘0’ from the 0345 number. In most cases, you will successfully make your call. But the chances that the local telephone provider might block the call are possible.

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