Benefits of Memorable Phone Numbers to a Business

31st July 2019

Do you remember the last time you had an emergency? Do you remember how easy it was to dial the number for the relevant medical or law enforcement agency?

On the one hand, you could argue that emergency numbers are so prevalent in most forms of media today that you cannot help but remember them. On the other hand, emergency numbers are designed to be short, precise and memorable.

So why haven’t you experimented with a similar tactic? Do you think it is enough to simply secure a business phone number?

Haven’t you realized that no one remembers phone numbers anymore? There is a reason why we offer memorable phone numbers.

We understand that most people can only remember six to nine digits at a time and only when they are grouped in short patterns. For that reason, we want your business to enjoy the benefits that come with using a business phone number that everyone remembers.

Of course, no one would blame you for approaching this issue with scepticism, especially if memorable phone numbers have never factored into any professional conversation between you and your colleagues.

As you ponder the issue, consider these factors and see if they won’t change your mind:


Have you ever seen a customized number plate? It generates a sense of class and status. Guess what? A memorable number does the same thing. Even if your business is quite small and unassuming, the presence of a clever pattern in your phone number will create the image of a far larger, far more professional outfit. And you definitely want that attention.


If you can secure a particularly peculiar or interesting phone number, it can actually become a branding tool. Think about your culture, the people your business wants to reach, and the traditions they uphold.

Think about the patterns and figures that pervade their lifestyle, those they associate with favour, bad luck, good omens and the like. Now consider what would happen if you incorporated such number patterns and figures into your memorable phone number.

Your phone number would market your business by simply existing. The number could become as recognisable as any other marketing tool in your strategy.


People associate memorable numbers with class and status. They do not realise that, for all the benefits memorable numbers provide, they are not that expensive to acquire. So long as you can secure a reliable service provider, every growing business can afford to get their very own memorably number.

Then again, you have that one question that always persists in such discussions: do people even remember phone numbers these days?

The question is not wrong. Anyone who wishes to reach out to you can always find your business contact information on the internet. And once they have your number, and once it is saved in their contacts, most people have no tangible reason to remember the phone number.

But that is why memorable phone numbers matter. They are designed to be remembered by the average consumer regardless of whether or not he or she cares to remember it. People don’t get to choose what they remember.

They are at the mercy of whatever visual stimuli they encounter. And if you can get a potential consumer to remember your number even when they don’t have to, then you cannot fail to win their loyalty down the line.

Check out some of our affordable memorable number packages by calling us on 0800 357 622 to secure a unique number for your business.