Create the Right Impression with Numbersales

25th April 2016


Does’t look great, does it? When someone takes the time to call your business, the last thing they want to be met with is someone shouting down the phone with a heap of background noise drowning them out, nor do they want to leave a message on your voicemail each time they call.

Keeping you connected

Live Call Answering from Numbersales keeps you connected to your customers at all times. Their calls will always be answered during office hours by a friendly and professional operator, before being transferred directly to any landline or mobile number, or alternatively a message can be taken if you’re busy and instantly sent to you via email or SMS.

Real people, here in the UK

All of our telephone operators are polite and professional; they’re trained to swiftly answer each call with your company name and redirect calls as you designate. What’s more, they’re all based here in the UK, so you needn’t worry about any miscommunication issues which can occur with overseas operators.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! There are no lengthy contracts or set up fees to worry about, no hardware or software to purchase and we won’t even charge you for wrong numbers or nuisance calls!

If you’d like to keep your business connected to your customers even when you’re busy, talk to Numbersales today about our outstanding deals on Live Call Answering!