Ditch the Paper Jams with Fax-to-Email!

28th June 2016

Invented way back in 1843 (yes, really!), the humble fax machine offers a simple, fast and effective method of sending images and documents via a telephone line. After years of this incredible-yet-immobile invention reigning supreme, modern technology now allows us to flutter from one location to another and continue to work whilst on the move. The question is, how can you combine both travel and the great perks of a fax machine in order to create the ultimate business solution?

Free to roam

If your business still relies on receiving fax messages but you either don’t want the hassle of replacing ink cartridges and unjamming the paper or simply operating from one location isn’t viable for you and your company, there is now a solution! Fax-to-Email from NumberSales enables you to receive faxes directly to an email address of your choice, so you can access them from anywhere in the world, whenever you need to, without any of the fuss or hassle!

No hidden charges

Thanks to our super-duper online portal, you can adjust where your faxes are directed to and you won’t need to purchase any expensive equipment or even have a permanent office! You won’t even have to pay for each fax you receive – this service just requires a simple set-up fee and service charge.

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