How A Virtual Landline Can Grow Your Business?

27th January 2020

If you’ve just started a new business, you’re going to require a business phone number. It probably sounds like a good idea to use your mobile phone. But you might be surprised by the number of customers that hate the idea of calling a mobile.

It suggests that they are dealing with a small business that might lack the resources required to serve their needs. Most customers expect businesses to operate conventional landlines and this is what they prefer to call whenever they contact a company.

But traditional landlines are restrictive. This is why so many companies are abandoning them in favour of virtual landlines. In case you’ve never heard of them, virtual landlines are numbers that exist in the cloud. They are designed to mirror traditional landlines, at least from the perspective of your caller.

Your customers will never know that they are calling anything other than an ordinary landline. They don’t realise that you can route your calls to a mobile device if you want to. But you shouldn’t assume that virtual landlines are only attractive because of their convenience.

They bring so many benefits to the table that can aid in the growth of your business, for instance:

Reach further

A virtual landline will extend your reach. This is because it allows you to access both local and national numbers. You can market a national number to urban markets that typically ignore rural businesses even if your offices are situated in these same rural regions.

You can promote your services to local clients that only transact with community businesses by providing a business number that makes it look like you are situated locally. Simply put, with a virtual landline, you can paint any image of your business that you want.

Missed Calls

Small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to miss calls. This is exactly what virtual landlines will eliminate. A virtual landline has features such as voicemail and automated welcome messages that will note and engage every customer in a manner that makes them feel valued.

You can also pair virtual landlines with virtual receptionists, making certain that your business always has a call agent on hand to field every customer’s call that comes through. A virtual landline will eliminate the problem of missed calls overnight.


Virtual landlines are not tied to any particular device. This is important. It means that you can take your number with you when you’re on the move. There is no need to print new business cards and alter billboards simply because you changed offices.

Because virtual landlines use cloud technology, you don’t have to change your business number simply because you moved. It will follow you wherever you go. This enables consistency. It also eliminates the costs you would normally encounter when changing old promotional material.

Memorable Numbers

Virtual landlines simplify the process of acquiring and deploying memorable numbers. Memorable numbers are phone numbers that are arranged in sequences that are easy to remember. They are powerful promotional tools that will make it easier for customers to call your office whenever they have a need that your company can solve.


Entrepreneurs that are just starting out prefer to use mobile phones because they are cheaper than installing a proper landline. But a virtual landline is far cheaper than a traditional landline. Not only are the installation and maintenance costs lower but virtual landlines are not fixed to particular devices.

So you don’t have to worry about buying new handsets whenever your old ones wear out, break or get lost. It’s easy to route all your calls to a new mobile device without your customers knowing.

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