How Call Answering Services Can Steer You Through Disaster

28th September 2019

On Tuesday, there were several dozen flood alerts all over the UK. Yes, the rains were that bad. Flooding was observed in London, Birmingham and several other places. Vehicles were stranded on streets and even public transport was disrupted.

You wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that many businesses had to remain closed over the next few days. You also wouldn’t be wrong in questioning what any of this has to do with us. After all, our specialty is inbound calling services and low-cost business phone numbers.

Do we even matter in a situation like this? Well, believe it or not, weather phenomena like this make our presence all the more important. Do you remember all those businesses whose operations were disrupted by the flooding? Yes, the weather forced them to remain closed but that did not stop customers from calling.

You see, most customers don’t care about rain or floods or earthquakes or any of the other disasters that have a tendency to debilitate the operations of small and medium-sized businesses. If they have come to rely on your products and services to meet their distinct needs, the weather isn’t going to change their expectations and demands.

So if a customer calls your business during these heavy rains and you fail to answer their call, nothing will stop them from reaching out to your competitor. But, again, you are probably wondering how we factor into this equation. The answer is simple.

Because of the nature of our services, we can keep your communication systems online even in the wake of storms such as those that continue to assault parts of the UK. If you had our services on hand, here’s how we could be helping you:

Call Answering

As far as your business is concerned, this is probably the most important service we have in our arsenal. If the rains prevent you from deploying employees to your office to engage customers over the phone, you can simply divert every call you receive to our call agents.

We are in a position to field all your customer calls, even with the present weather conditions. Your clients won’t even know that you have outsourced your inbound calls to a third party. Our professionals will engage them in a manner that tricks them into believing that your business is still up and running. Can you imagine what that will do for your credibility? If your customers think that you opened your business premises despite the weather conditions, their loyalty towards your brand will grow.


The VoIP communication systems we have on offer use the internet. If you still have a traditional phone system installed at your office, then these rains definitely disrupted your phone lines. If our systems were installed in your premises, your communication mechanisms would have remained operational even in the face of severe weather disruption.

Try to realise that the flooding did not stop the internet. You need that level of resilience in your organisation.

Virtual Numbers

The phone numbers we have on offer are not attached to particular devices. You can allocate them to your own mobile device and the devices of your employees. In other words, you don’t have to physically access your business premises to field calls made to your business number.

Consider those implications. While other business owners brave the cold streets to open their offices, you are in a position to receive customer calls from the comfort of your own home.

Missed Calls

The nature of this current weather phenomenon is such that you are guaranteed to miss calls. After all, evenif you can receive phone calls from home, you are just one person. Unless you can bring all your other home- bound employees on board, your customer calls are going to overwhelm you.

But again, with our services, you are still sorted. First of all, if it is a question of the volume of calls, you can use our call queue feature to put all incoming callers on hold. This should give you the breathing room you need to deal with the individual customers.

If it is a question of your inability to resolve the queries presented, you can always rely on voicemail and other call recording features to take note of any issues raised by customers whose resolution must be postponed to a later date.

If some customers end up falling through the cracks even in the face of all those features, our products will take note of all the calls you have missed. Once calm returns and the rain subsides, you can endeavour to call all these customers back.

The idea that we can keep your communication mechanisms up and running during weather conditions such as those that have wreaked havoc across the UK sounds ridiculous. But that is the power of call answering services and VoIP. Our services are not bound by the same restrictions as traditional phone lines.

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