How to demonstrate a local presence with a virtual phone number

25th April 2019

Here at we offer virtual phone numbers that will let you demonstrate a local presence even though you might not be located in the vicinity. 

Appear to be a local business with a virtual phone number

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that is not tied to a specific phone device or phone line. So you are able to choose from any of our ranges of virtual phone numbers and have them routed to any landline or mobile phone number. For example, you could have a 0208 London number, even if you’re not based in London.

Most people prefer dealing with local service providers and are are more likely to trust a number from an area they recognise and therefore will be more likely to make that enquiry. With our virtual phone numbers, you can establish a local presence anywhere you choose. 

What are the benefits of having a virtual phone number?

  1. If you are relocating your business, you can simply take the number with you anywhere in the UK – we will redirect the number to any new destination.
  2. It’s a virtual number that sits on top of your current telephone number and does not replace it. Your phone will continue to receive calls on its original number as well as the incoming calls on the new virtual number and can be used to make outgoing calls as normal.
  3. The virtual number will never change – no expensive stationary or vehicle livery redesigns.
  1. A memorable number can be an incredible asset for your business as if your phone number is catchy it can easily become a recognisable aspect of your business and advertisements, increasing sales and greater recognition.
  1. No need to buy any additional equipment, wait for engineers to re-route phone lines or pay for new phone lines to be installed. 

Virtual landline numbers (01 & 02 numbers)

With virtual landline numbers, you can choose where your company appears to be located. Customers will think you’re tied to the area they live and that you don’t work across the country.

Furthermore, with virtual landline numbers your customers will bypass any fees associated with making long distance phone calls.

So all you need to do is choose where you would like to be locally based with your virtual landline number and have it routed to your mobile or another landline number.

If you are interested in getting a virtual landline number today, then please call us free on 0800 357 622