Keep Callers Entertained with Call Queueing!

25th August 2016

Each and every incoming call you receive is incredibly important – it could be a stepping stone towards your next big deal, inspire a new idea, include a valuable piece of feedback or it could be a flurry of extra sales. The trouble is, running a business can be rather hectic at times and missing an incoming call just isn’t a viable option in today’s fast-paced and instantaneous society.

The dreaded busy tone

Nobody wants to hear a busy tone, and if a caller is unable to reach you first time round the chances of them trying to call again later are vastly reduced, meaning missed opportunities for extra sales and less opportunity to resolve issues.

With Call Queueing from NumberSales, each incoming call will automatically be placed into a queue and answered in the order in which they were dialled. Whilst having to wait for their call to be answered isn’t the perfect solution, it will show your customers that you value their call and don’t want to miss out on what they have to say.

Waiting doesn’t have to be boring!

Let’s face it, nobody likes waiting – that’s why we provide you with the option to play a variety of ‘comfort’ messages and songs, so your callers are happy, content and even informed about upcoming offers or product launches before their call is answered!

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