Mid-Call Transfer

22nd July 2016

“Hello and welcome to Numbersales.com, how may we direct your call?”

Sounds purposeful, efficient and professional, doesn’t it? We know you already provide an outstandingly good product or service, so why not offer your customers a simple-yet-effective telephone service, too?

Super slick seamless business calls

Great business telephone systems are based around flexibility, where you can offer the caller the best possible service at all times. No-one wants to be told “Yes sir, if you call the following number and explain everything to our accounts department, they may be able to help you”. Instead, why not offer your callers the option for their call to be transferred to the relevant department so their query can be dealt with quickly, efficiently and satisfactorily – the way it should be.

Show them you care

Offering customers the option to transfer their call to the relevant department, office or even country, shows that you value their call and you want to offer a seamless service to ensure they come back time and time again. There’s no limit to the amount of times you can transfer each call either, so if your caller has multiple queries they’d like answered, they can be passed on to the relevant department when necessary.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! You won’t need to purchase any expensive equipment and your departments don’t even have to be in the same building for Mid-Call Transfer to work!

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