The Withdrawal of 0500 Numbers

6th February 2017

Originally created in 1982, the 0500 prefix is set to be withdrawn by Ofcom in mid 2017.  Despite being one of the longest serving freephone numbers, it has become unpopular and unrecognisable in recent years.

As of 3rd June 2017, 0500 numbers will be withdrawn from use and users will have the option to redirect their numbers to the corresponding 08085 number. The new 08085 prefix was introduced in 2015 as a means to replace the 0500 prefix.

What does this mean for your business?

If you currently own an 0500 number you still have time to transfer across to a replacement 08085 number, i.e. if you own 0500 112233 you will have the option to own 08085 112233.

You will have the following choices:

1. Move over to your corresponding 08085 number in readiness of the withdrawal of the the 0500 prefix.
2. Cease using your 0500 number and begin to use a new 0800, 01/02, 03 or 0844 number.

The service that your customers receive needn’t be disrupted during the change over. Numbers bought through are configured swiftly and efficiently, ensuring your customers are able to contact you as normal.

Informing your customers

Once you have changed your number you will need to inform your customers. Obviously you can start doing this straight away by simply amending your social media profiles and platforms. Some modes of marketing require a little more planning, for example, updating business cards, leaflets, letterheads and local directories as well as audio and visual advertising.

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