Why your business needs an 0800 number

16th January 2019

It’s increasingly important to ensure your business advertises with an attractive phone number as it can have a huge effect on encouraging (or discouraging) new customers. This is why your business needs an 0800 number:

They’re Totally Free For Your Customers to Call

0800s are completely free to call from all UK landlines and mobiles. So when you advertise your 0800 number, customers will notice that you are putting their needs first. Statistics show that 2 out of 3 people feel that businesses that provide a freephone number care more for their customers.

Over 90% of people recognise 0800 as a free to call number. With these stats in mind, investing in an 0800 number can really help your business grow. Customers are more willing to call a free number than to call a number that will cost them, so if a customer has the even slightest interest in the service you offer, they will be more likely to call you.

They Promote a Highly Professional Image

 0800 numbers create a highly professional appearance to potential customers as it can appear that you’re a large, established company operating all over the UK, even if you are just a local start-up company.

First impression count and by creating an image that your business is bigger than it actually is can help to create a sense of trust and reliability from the start. If you have the trust of your customers, then they are increasingly likely to buy from you. By creating this image, you can focus on your services and products.

0800 numbers for business

Increased Response Rates

When you advertise with an 0800 number, you’ll see response rates increase by up to 185% — Great news if this is what gives you the edge over your competition!

Whatever product or service you provide, you’ll want to encourage customers to reach out to you from all over the UK. By advertising an 0800 number, you’re not restricting your business to appear simply as a local company and can therefore advertise for work outside of your vicinity without putting off potential customers with a telephone code they don’t recognise.

Relocating? Take The Number With You – Anywhere

You can redirect your 0800 number to any mobile or landline, as often as you would like – via our online control panel.  So if you’re out of the office and want to take your calls on your mobile, you can change where you receive your 0800 calls quickly and easily.  You’ll never need to worry about  losing customers, as you are able to work anywhere you choose.

Extra Features And Benefits

When you choose an 0800 number from Numbersales.com, you can choose to add extra virtual switchboard features. Enabling this service enhances your customers experience when they call your business by being professionally guided through an automated system which aims to meet their needs and queries quickly.

This is a perfect feature for all businesses as all your incoming calls can be answered professionally and directed efficiently to the right department without the requirement of a full time receptionist.

From as little as £1.99 a month, you can order your 0800 number today. Included will be free access to the NumberSales.com online control panel, where you can control where you would like your 0800 number redirected to, online call statistics, and more.

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