International Toll Free Numbers

Offer customers that are based overseas a freephone call to your business with our affordable international toll-free service

International Toll Free Numbers are an extremely cost effective way of attracting new customers to your business, even though you may have no physical offices or staff in their country.  Calls to the international freephone number can be routed to your existing UK landline, mobile, or indeed, to virtually any number, anywhere in the world.

There are no extra new lines and no new equipment is required to run your International Toll Free Number.

Just let us know the landline or mobile number that you’d like your calls directed to, and hey presto! You can even change where your calls are directed as many times as you like, at any time of day or night, all for free!

Thanks to our online portal, you’re always in complete control of where your incoming phone calls are directed to, so if you’re heading out of the office for the day or you’re moving premises you can redirect where the calls go at the click of a button! Online Portal

Add extra inbound calling services to your toll free number from our portfolio of features.

Also known as ITF or International 0800 numbers, International Toll Free Numbers reassure customers that you want to do business with them.

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International Toll Free Numbers from over 100 countries



Asia and the Middle East



Interested in our International Toll Free Numbers?

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Interested in our International Toll Free Numbers?

Find out how you can offer your overseas based customers a free phone call to your business.

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