Advanced inbound call services, tailored to your needs.

Inbound the way it should be done

Customer service is a vital area to get right for any business.  If the experience doesn’t deliver on expectations, it can lead to dissatisfaction and lost revenue. Inbound calling is at the heart of many organisations’ operations and is a direct link to their customers. Drive a robust and seamless customer service experience with our advanced inbound calling platform.

Our online platform, Myriad, offers no capital outlay, simple pay-as-you-use cost structures and competitive call rate packages. Our intuitive portal provides powerful management features that can have a new service up and running instantly. Take advantage of the customer service and disaster recovery benefits Myriad has to offer and make sure your dynamic inbound contact needs are fully catered for.

Our online platform

Not just a simple call routing engine

Have complete control of your inbound services. Simple local and non-geographic number routing is nothing new; it’s the advanced features we provide that separates us from the rest.

Usually only found in high end on-premise solutions, our inbound platform offers a wealth of call features including:

  • routing
  • queueing
  • recording
  • conferencing
  • hunt group
  • multi-level IVR

Full service monitoring and management features are available to businesses of any size and budget. Add a market-leading, feature-rich inbound solution to your operation and deliver on your caller experience needs.

In-depth reporting and statistics

Insight is the key to enhancing your inbound caller experience. Once there is a clear understanding of exactly what’s happening with your service, it can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Use static dashboards to see real-time views of calls by select account or individual number, or dynamic dashboards where you can create multiple real-time views of key customer service metrics including:

  • number of calls
  • abandoned calls
  • call duration
  • number of callers held in call queues

For more comprehensive and detailed call requirements, we have a built-in reporting engine – Pulse. This powerful tool lets you analyse call data more efficiently, with over 20 different report options, on an ad-hoc, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

For example, use the Dynamic Call Agent (DCA) report to enhance your customer service experience. Ensure you have adequate agent capacity and skill sets to meet your call demands and make sure your agents are meeting their targets.

Low provisioning and running costs

There are usually a lot of associated costs when setting up and provisioning on-premise inbound call solutions. These complexities can make the proposition unattractive, either from the initial cost of the service, or from the on-going costs they are likely to incur.

We eliminate a lot of these unnecessary costs, making the solution much easier to implement:

  • no up-front CAPEX costs
  • no annual support or maintenance charges
  • our easy-to-use portal reduces training costs

Up and running in minutes

Traditionally, setting up an inbound call platform was a lengthy and complex process. On-premise hardware installation, sourcing additional feature modules from multiple vendors, costly agent set up and training on unintuitive systems – all combined to make this type of solution difficult to manage.

Our service is a fully network-based platform, meaning no on-premise customer hardware is needed, reducing the time to implement significantly. Our service has been designed and built using industry-leading systems and software. As a PaaS solution, it’s always on so you can manage your customer contact planning in real-time through our intuitive on-line portal.

Fully flexible, intuitive portal

Myriad’s powerful online portal can be fully branded to your requirements. Use Service Builder to pick from a range of standard call flow templates or Service Designer for more bespoke call management needs. Service Designer allows you to drag and drop functional nodes to visually create call plans that are unique to your business challenges.

Accessible from anywhere, any device

Inbound contact centres have historically been limited to fixed locations by the need for on-premise hardware. This can lead to inflexibility and inefficiencies when dealing with rapid changes in demand and call volumes.

The power of Myriad being a fully hosted service is that you no longer need to be tied by hardware restraints and can access the service anytime, from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection through the online portal. Give your authorised call handlers instant and complete control, exactly when they need to.

Business continuity built in

Customer contact points are the main link between businesses and their customers, therefore it’s vital that they are always operational. Downtime can lead to poor customer experience, lack of consumer confidence and potentially high financial losses.

As a network-based platform, Myriad contains no single point of failure and is both logically and geographically resilient. Experience a power outage at your main office? Instantly redirect calls to another location to maintain business continuity. Myriad operates from two separate, highly secure national data centres, including a comprehensive range of physical and software redundancies in place.

With 99.99% availability backed by robust SLAs for our core inbound services, you can have the confidence that your inbound call handling is in safe hands.

Our difference

End-to-end service, from a single provider

When resilience is one of the key benefits of a service, an inbound calling solution involving many different component parts and providers can cause a world of problems if things don’t quite go to plan. If no-one has full end-to-end visibility or responsibility, each provider involved can shift blame to the next. This can be a very frustrating experience for you and could also damage the relationships you have with your customers.

KCOM own and control every part of the Myriad platform and proactively monitor the service to ensure it’s fully operational. Should you need to raise a service issue, all it takes is a single phone call and we’ll take care of it as quickly and effectively as possible, meaning less impact to your callers. We know that happier customers are loyal customers; we’re here to help keep the lines of communication open.

Market-leading features and quality of service

We know that Myriad is not the only inbound call solution on the market – but it stands head and shoulders above the competition. Not only does it excel in base level call routing, the breadth and depth of features delivered over a network-integrated platform makes it perfect for your needs. Myriad is also being continuously developed with your feedback. This ensures that we can offer and support your business, whatever your contact requirements are, with market-relevant features and functionality.

Myriad has been the first choice inbound call solution for advanced features in the UK for the best part of a decade. We have seen huge growth in user volume and call traffic in that time; a fact that speaks for itself. Myriad is the complete solution for inbound customer contact and management. We have designed the service to make it as powerful, yet easy to use as possible – so when Myriad offers you everything you need to manage your inbound calls whatever the challenge – there’s no need to look anywhere else.

Included Features

Call Whisper

Create custom whispers that let you know what the call is about before it’s connected. Easily choose to accept or reject the call.

CLI Routing

Route calls based on a caller’s CLI or DTMF input (between 1 and 15 digits). Assign custom audio when collecting DTMF and fully configure match types (most matching digits or exact).


Create custom rooms requiring up to 8 digit RoomID-only, PIN-only or RoomID and PIN entry modes. Configure conference hosts, maximum number of callers, hold music, record name feature, including roll call request and passive conference so only the host can be heard. All conference calls can be recorded.

Custom Audio

Upload custom audio files to the service, accessible by all features that use them. Supports MP3, WMA and WAV file formats.

Custom Service Variables

Custom service variables can be declared and used within the service XML. These can then be used to assign values to any node property value or branch NodeID. Manipulate the variables by the DTMF Capture, Send Post and Set Variable nodes. The value of a custom service variable can be evaluated using the IF node to change the call flow.

DCA (Dynamic Call Agent)

Create unlimited skill sets for skill-based routing and assign agents and priorities through a secure, responsive online portal (through mobile, tablet or PC). Register downtime (report writing, comfort breaks etc.) and add notes for comprehensive reporting.

Deliver Call

Connect inbound calls to a destination number. Custom audio can be used as a ring tone and the connected calls can be recorded.


Control call flow based on distribution (Round Robin, Random, Bounce and Percentage). Distribution evaluation can be “call” or “service” based.

DTMF Capture

Assign DTMF to custom service variables.


Received faxes can be delivered in TIFF or PDF file formats by email (up to 10 email addresses) or API. Custom email settings can be set for each fax feature (subject, body, from etc.)

Inbound Service Number Groups

Group inbound service numbers and allow simultaneous activation via an IVR, API or white label portal.

Max Call Length

Restrict the maximum length of a call to an inbound number.


Create multilevel IVR systems and enable script logging to capture key presses by the caller.

Mid Call Divert

Dial out to a third party during a call and restrict by destination type (landline, mobile etc.)

Missed Call Alerts

An email can be sent to up to 10 email addresses with custom settings (subject, body, from etc.)

Multi Outdial

Dial out to up to 7 destination numbers simultaneously and connect to the first destination that answers. Connected calls can be recorded.

Multiple Service Assignment

Assign multiple services to inbound service numbers which can be instantly switched via an IVR telephone service or API.

Outbound Call

Outbound dialler with optional PIN protection. Set permissions for call types (landline, mobile, international etc.). Calls can be recorded with the additional ‘record call’ feature. Default announcements can be tailored with ‘custom audio’.

Override CLI

Caller’s presentation CLI can be replaced with the inbound service number.

Post Call

Allows activity to continue on the call after either party has ended the call e.g. perform a feedback survey.


Provides functionality for network based call queuing. Connected calls can be delivered to destinations based on a distribution configuration (Round Robin, Random, Bounce, Percentage and First Last Exit) and all calls can be recorded.

Configure standard queue settings (Max Calls, Max Queue Size, Queue Timeout, RNR Time Out), on hold music (Classical, Easy Listening, Light Rock, Eighties, Pop) and custom audio announcements. Call Distribution Evaluation can be “call” or “service” based and queue dropout can be enabled when needed.

Record Call

Stop/start and mute/unmute recording during a call using the phone keypad. Set the percentage of calls to be recorded. Audio files can be delivered in MP3, WMA or WAV file format by email (up to 10 email addresses), FTP or both. Custom email settings can be set for each record call function (subject, body, from etc.)

Restrict CLI

Caller’s presentation CLI can be hidden (number withheld).

Send Email

Send email messages within the call flow (up to 10 email addresses) and customise each email node’s settings (from, subject, body etc.)

Send Post

Send HTTP posts within the call flow and construct query strings using literal values, service variables and custom service variables. Data returned from a send post action can be assigned to custom service variables.

Speed Dial

Assign digits between 1 and 999999. Can be used with ‘mid-call divert’.

Time Based Routing

Route calls individually or by a combination of time of day, date, date range, day of week, month, month range and special days (bank holidays etc.)


Voicemail messages can be delivered in MP3, WMA or WAV format by email (up to 10 email addresses), IVR service or both. Custom email settings can be set for each voicemail used (subject, body, from etc.). Configure maximum duration, additional call flow after message and custom greetings.

Voicemail Retrieval Telephone Service

Collect and manage voicemail messages via an IVR telephone service, API or white label portal.

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